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At Spry, our mission is to help make your everyday life cleaner, healthier and more comfortable. All of our patented technologies are designed to provide proper support and promote ultimate rest and recovery. Whether you are at home, the office, the car or traveling, we have the perfect solution for you.
We offer solutions to fit in with your goals and lifestyle needs.

Support and relief – our pillows provide a customized contour to help keep your body in proper alignment, therefore, helping to reduce pain and discomfort.
Rest and recovery– relaxing and reducing stress can help strengthen and repair your body by restoring its natural energy supply.
Clean sleep– an environment that is free from allergens promotes healthy sleep for asthma and chronic allergy sufferers.


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Spry Testimonials

“As an asthma sufferer for many years, I want to express my delight at having discovered the PneumapureSleep pillow. Having invested in many types of pillows over the years with no success, I have finally found the correct one. Thank you to the manufacturers”

ELSIE B., Galway, Ireland

“I was like a bag pipes in bed, I was waking myself up with the wheezing. Since using the PneumapureSleep pillow my wheezing has all but stopped and I have recommended this product to other Asthmatics”

BRUCE D., Phoenix, AZ

“I was suffering badly from my sinuses but since using the PneumapureSleep pillow I am sleeping like a baby. I used to wake up with pains in my head but now I am very comfortable all night long”

MARY G., Altha, FL

For about a month now, I’ve been using the Sisu Pillow for support with my neck and or lower back when sitting on the couch, or laying in bed to read. I love that it conforms to my neck, creating a comfortable support and significantly reducing the pain.

Katie E.

“Love this pillow! Awesome neck support with a custom fit every time!”

Kristi R.

“The Spry Pillow is comfortable, moldable and supportive! It does not get too hot under my son and the cover is washable!”

Ashley G.

“I use my Sisu Pillow whenever I have to travel for work. It’s perfect for long train rides when I need extra lumbar or neck support.”

David P.

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